Monitoring Coastal Erosion with UAV Lidar

UAV LiDAR is being used extensively in coastal applications by precise monitoring of the morphological changes to the shoreline. The French Geological Survey (BRGM) has taken charge of the important coastal management issues such as coastal erosion and availability of drinking water through monitoring seashore infrastructure and the climatic changes impacting the coastal morphology. As a project partner, YellowScan is in charge of providing the oceanographers and geologists with Lidar surveys for the purpose of mapping and change monitoring and as input for sedimentation/erosion models. For this purpose LiDAR data can be used due to it fast processing abilities and higher accuracy in generating DTM specially over weakly textured surfaces. An open source software called CloudCompare is used for data visualization and analysis of the sea surface position at different instants and the Lidar measurement points. The imagery shows the classified point cloud of the sea surface echoes present underneath the UAV track and in the swash zone. The remaining water surface has been coloured in plain blue.

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