Bangkok Journey 01: This School Girl

what surprise me in m daily routine

Here is Bang Sue MRT Starion,the upcoming hub of the north of Bangkok Metropolitan. Let’s take a look at this school girl who is laying on the dining table. Some said she looked so cool on her bed and the rice bag pillow!! However, from what I see is only a poor quality of life especially in her age. She’s probably at the very first year of her primary school. She might be a daughter of the street vendor who own those tables and chairs and has to make money as much as she/he can because it is 5:30 pm now, a peak time to make money. For the little girl, who has spent 8 hours in school, might not be able to help making noodle or even to serve the hot soup noodles. So what she could do is to wait and rest her day on the dining table with the cool pillow.

Maybe she loves it this way, maybe this is the way it has to be, maybe it is only me who see this kind of sad. Maybe life doesn’t give you so many choices.

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