Essentialism… on your Smartphone!

This may be no surprise to most smartphone users, but I found it to be a refreshing reminder of what’s important. So I’m out camping and having a great time being somewhat unplugged, although I did post from my phone yesterday. My battery power drops below 25 percent, which usually has me running for the nearest power source. My phone has an ultra power saving mode which essentially turns 2–3 hours of remaining life into over 15! How? By making my phone… just a phone; no color, no background apps, just a phone. I’ve used this feature before now, and dismissed it as a useless gimmick. Now I’m actually convinced it was put there to remind me of what’s essential and what’s not. It is becoming my new favorite app, because I remember when mobile phones were just that, a mobile phone.

I guess it is a sign of the times that we have to be reminded about what is essential. Discerning wants vs needs, deciding on what is important to us, and creating the focus to get things done are life skills that you can never stop learning. I’m now learning from my phone to focus on the essential and save my energy for what’s important.

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