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When you don’t understand it, sometimes you just have to write it out…

Crazy stupid emotions driving me toward a wall,

impassable. yet antelope like i jump

over it rolling tumbling hitting hard against rocks

with no names no words no definition

other than hurt frustration

screaming out loud

how dare i, good girl

so tired defeated depleted

trying to be the American dream,

failing. how un-American

bootstraps lifted

i hate fucking bootstraps

broken and whipping at my legs

a nipping reminder of the hill unclimbed

the river not forged

the mountain not toppled

a boat bobs waiting for my…

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Photo by David Calderón on Unsplash

If you’ve developed a video project recently, you’ve probably heard about, considered or received a request for the inclusion of either 360 or VR (Virtual Reality). These two terms are the hot new formats in the production world, each of which is just a few years old. And while they are being tossed around interchangeably, it should be noted that 360 and VR are two very different types of video formats.

  • 360 is a two-dimensional video displayed in a 360 degree environment. Essentially it’s a flat image displayed on the interior of a sphere. YouTube and Facebook have both created distributions for this format which can be viewed easily on your mobile phone as well as through a map-like interface on your desktop where you select the direction you wish to look via a navigational button. …


Paige Barnett

I like all the words, even those I don’t like.

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