It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

A great read. But I’m wondering if what’s going on here is that ”cultures” define the normal. There was a culture in West Africa that caught other Africans and sold them to the slave traders that bought them. The same could said of the army of native indians that helped the Spanish destroy the Aztec Empire. Isn’t establishing a culture and defining what’s normalative part of the human experience in both good and bad ways? Most Americans have no clue what contributions African Americans and for that matter most ethnic groups have made to this country. I’m sure that is part of a cultural normalative educational direction. I’d like to see a reset on that front.

The question I’d like ask is what of culture is worth establishing and preserving. Every ethnic group trys to preserve something. Every ethnic group loses something. What is African American culture.? Its imprint on American history is gigantic. Unfortunately it’s lost on a majority of America.

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