Update: Ingredients purchased


Today, I went to a local Meijer and purchased all of the materials that I’m going to use in order to make the pretzel rods. Assuming I don’t make too many issues, I should be able to make more than 30 pretzel rods with the amount of ingredients I bought.

I purchased three packages of pretzel rods, two packages of chocolate coating, a bag of Butterfinger bits, and a bag of Heath bits. (I didn’t purchase any sprinkles as I already have more than enough sprinkles for the pretzel rods.)

I’m going to make the following pretzel rod varieties; Chocolate with sprinkles, Chocolate with Butterfinger bits, and Chocolate with Heath bits. I don’t want to over-complicate things by putting a lot of ingredients onto each pretzel rod, as this can dilute the taste of each ingredient used and will more than likely look a lot less appetizing to eat.

I plan on making the pretzel rods tomorrow, which is 3/13/17. After this, I will start selling them to the members of the Lafayette High School Orchestra. (I won’t be at school on 3/14/17 do to an Orchestra event, however there will be plenty of time to sell pretzel rods to people in the orchestra.) Since the Orchestra will be eating at a restaurant, they are going to have money that they can also use to potentially buy my pretzel rods.

I plan to take pictures of everyone who purchases a pretzel rod, unless someone requests me not to take their picture. I will release an update tomorrow with pictures of the finished pretzel rods and will release further updates of people who purchased pretzel rods. There will be addition updates about Shakespeare Behind Bars such as an interview in the following weeks.

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