Challenges & Solutions of Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility solution — From a 360 degree angle

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Nov 23, 2016 · 7 min read

Mobile revolution has changed the way the enterprise work, do their business, manage their business and also engage with their clients and employees. Almost as the next obvious result businesses are also reconsidering their technique and technologies to make organizational roles and culture rather mobile friendly. Yes; ‘mobile first’ is now a must have strategy.

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Enterprise Mobility Solution

So, what’s Mobile First Anyway?

As the name implies, mobile first approach denotes a company that critically considers the mobile experience while thinking about its website or any other digital means of communication. The focus thus should be on how seamlessly their employees, their clients and their customers can interact with the company via their handheld devices. This means, the enterprise mobile strategy needs to be determined by their users’ need and demand and the way that serves them the best.

Simply put; mobility has transformed our lives and as billions of devices and sensors connect intelligently in forming the , we also need to access smart products and services via mobile application and technology.

With This Comes The Next Pertinent Question — Are You Ready For This Mobility Revolution?

It is impossible to answer this in one simple line. Consider the following questions –

Can you connect your mobile workforce to your back-end systems in order to increase the productivity?

Are you ready to face a paramount increase in business activity from your connected customers?

As a responsible entrepreneur can you actually balance customer and employee privacy requirements?

Is your architecture and infrastructure robust and flexible enough to support apps, devices and Internet of Things?

As one of the leading the companies we have worked with are considering beyond the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept. On the other hand; those on the cutting edge are in fact developing the enterprise mobility strategy that takes into consideration all of the above requirements.

3 Core Doctrines of Enterprise Mobility

Doctrine 1: Enterprise mobility solution is far less than just managing the mobile devices. It is more about being the advocate for the business. It is all about enabling businesses to integrate and deliver business services and solutions rather quickly.

Doctrine 2: Enterprise mobility solution is all about accelerating the new efficiencies and opportunities for optimal business productivity.

Doctrine 3: Enterprise mobility solution should always engage past — present and future customers in innovative and powerful ways, boost employee connectivity, business productivity and also enrich business with innovative service lines.

Enterprise Mobility Solution — As We Perceive It Nowadays

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Enterprise mobility solution for efficient workforce

Needless to say; the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions are numerous. For instance

· It offers the ultimate flexibility to the employees to work remotely

· It improves employee productivity

· It improves corporate data security

· It reduces organizational risk

Finally; mobility solution has almost become mandatory as customers, employees, stakeholders and partners nowadays expect to interact with the enterprise immediately regardless of the time, place or the device.

However; this also means that businesses need to go beyond the ‘mobile first’ planning approach. When we say ‘beyond the mobile first’ approach we typically mean that businesses need to develop a mobile strategy that puts the business right at the forefront of mobility.

Businesses Need To Go Beyond Just Creating Mobile Applications and Services

Look up and around and you will be pretty amazed to see that businesses of all stature and size are getting onto the enterprise mobility solution bandwagon for improving their ROI while combining mobile with big data, cloud technology and analytics capabilities. Let’s take the live example of the two tech giants, Apple and IBM in this context. These two tech giants have forged partnership in bringing IBM’s big data and analytics to iPad and iPhone with a singular aim of transforming enterprise mobility.

While enterprise mobility solution provides enormous opportunities to business and enterprise there are certain challenges as well. In order to overcome the challenges businesses and enterprise need to develop a robust and agile mobility strategy

Also enterprise mobility strategy should be flexible enough to match with the changing mobility trends

What does these mean for your business? Simple — do not fall for any ad-hoc approach without a solid and scalable mobility strategy. Take it in writing; businesses that have adopted any ad-hoc mobility strategy are typically subjected to the risk factors such as

· Data vulnerability

· Data leakage

· Reliability issues

· Insecure access

Determine Your Road Map and Identify Your Mobility Maturity

It is important to understand where exactly your business stands in mobile. As per the ‘Yankee Group’ — there are 3 distinct phases of enterprise mobility maturity. These are –

Opportunistic: Enterprises that are still deploying the mobility solutions in meeting certain use specific cases experimentally or individually, falls into this category. Usually such companies lack a clear enterprise-wide road map and also have limited architecture extendibility that may support those deployments.

Strategic: These are rather forward-looking companies that deploy mobile applications for addressing larger subsets of workers. Such enterprises use a clear cut road-map with a rather policy-driven approach

Mobile-First: Mobility maturity at this stage is typically integrated into the whole organization for the greater purpose of re-envisioning the business processes and for driving innovation in a seamless manner.

In order to determine your mobility maturity you too need to first analyze your business and also identify the obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your mobility objectives

Take a closer look at the top 5 Challenges and Solutions of Enterprise Mobility

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Challenges of Enterprise Mobility Solution

It’s not all rosy because enterprise mobility also comes with certain challenges. Some of these challenges include –

Mobile Device Management

The Challenge of Mobile Device Management

Various concepts such as BYOD (Bring your own device), CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), COPE (Company-issued, Personally-Enabled) stand as the immediate results of enterprises trying to keep up with the up to date technological requirements! More and more businesses are allowing their clients, customers, vendors, stakeholders and employees use their own devices for work purposes. Irrespective of this enormous development the devices that are used in the workplace enterprises hardly come up with enterprise-grade security features for allowing a feature rich and open BYOD policy. This is also why businesses face a whole range of challenges when it boils down to managing the mobility solutions.


Companies need to have a clear road map and need to adopt new MDM (mobile device management) mobility solutions to ensure security of the data. To put things simply; security breaches may come from all and every directions hence a range of precautions should be in place.

Mobility Security

The Challenge of Mobility Security

Yes, a whole range of difficulties may arise with the ever evolving mobile landscape when it comes to the point of instilling security measures. This should be the number 1 priority for the enterprise mobility practitioners.


It goes without saying; security stands as the prominent and persistent issue within the mobile space. Companies therefore need to be prepared in order to trial the security strategies on a regular basis to ensure that there is no security breach attack.

Mobile User Experience

The challenge of Mobile User Experience

That’s right; UX ( User experience) drives user adoption, which further leads to better ROI. However; one of the crucial challenges faced by companies lies in providing mobile user experience that’s similar to the desktop experience.


For streamlining the processes and for improving the overall employee productivity enterprises should invest in developing apps that provide a positive user experience

Enterprise-ready Mobile Applications

The challenge of Enterprise-ready Mobile Applications

There is hardly any denying that planning, developing and deploying the mobile apps with a fine balance of usability and security for boosting productivity stands as a major challenge.


Enterprises need to figure out the right tools and the right platforms for building apps that suit their business goal, customer and employee needs in a broad and fragmented market.

Mobile Strategy

The challenge of Mobile Strategy

As briefed earlier, enterprises need to determine their individual mobility maturity and determine the power of mobile solutions. Enterprise should find out ways of leveraging the challenges of mobile strategy for improving their business. Enterprise should approach their individual mobility strategy in a robust manner.


Enterprises need not to look too much into the future of mobility strategies as changes within the mobility landscape happen really fast. This means companies need to develop a dynamic strategy that typically focuses on the present opportunities and scalability.

The Bottom line

It is all about coping with the changing market trends. Enterprises therefore need to come up with an agile, effective and robust mobile strategy bridging together the cloud technology, internet of things and the enterprise mobility solution.As we never get tired of saying; as a responsible business owner while you prepare yourself for such a comprehensive mobility strategy do not miss the equally crucial elements such as security, compliance, user experience and manageability in expanding and intensifying the possibility and potential of enterprise mobility solution.

For improving revenue and customer satisfaction, for enhancing engagement initiatives and for optimizing costs and workforce productivity, business needs a fool proof and effective mobility strategy. Yes; we offer a whole gamut of services ranging from business consulting to mobile-based business solutions, from mobile technology services to industry-focused mobility solutions to match with the business requirements.

Realize a customized, end to end mobile strategy and aligned to your business objectives.

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