“I don’t know that I meditate. I don’t know that I want to meditate and think about nothing,” Tony responded, “My goal is clarity.”
50 Ways To Live On Your Own Terms
Benjamin P. Hardy

Not sure Tony fully understands the true nature of meditation, relying instead on the great Western misconception of meditation.

Meditation is NOT about stopping your thoughts or to “think about nothing” — yes, a great Western misconception simply because those looking from the outside in see no action, no movement, no working…just stillness. Thus, when compared to the coveted Western ideology that we must all by busy and actively producing 24/7, meditation is ignorantly perceived as doing nothing, thinking nothing.

As I like to put it, and the Dali Lama agrees, meditation is the easiest hardest work you’ll ever do.

Meditation is letting your mind and brain be fully open and fully functioning without hinderance or judgement. Letting your brain, which was built and designed to create thoughts, pursue its natural accord, which is to create thoughts. The meditative part of meditation is to steady your mind (e.g. return to the breath) so that you don’t get carried away thinking about your thoughts (think eye of the storm).

Thus, mediation is thinking about everything while achieving clarity and focus at the same time, and has been successfully doing so for over 3,500 years (how long will ‘Tony’s Morning Routine’ be around?).

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