It seems like almost weekly, if not daily, there’s some story in the news about a company that has had their computer systems compromised or a person who has had their life stolen. Case in point — whether it affected the outcome or not, a cyber attack even became part of the story of the last US presidential election. Cyber security ( … or lack thereof ) and the impact it has on our lives is real whether we like it or not.

Certainly computer viri and other malicious attacks are nothing new, however, it seems like the hip, trendy type of attack these days is ransomware. …

For my first post, I’d like to revisit a topic that I’ve both presented numerous times and discussed regularly over the past few years. Although I’ve been unsuccessful in coining the term ‘SharePoint Erosion’, I have yet to encounter an organization that doesn’t struggle with this problem. This is why it keeps coming up on the projects I work on and why I feel it’s a good topic for this post.

A quick aside before I begin :: Although this post has been written from a SharePoint perspective, the concept and proposed solutions are equally applicable to any other information management platform, be it different collaborative software, an enterprise SAN, or your personal OneDrive. Similarly, the information in this post applies equally to on-premises SharePoint environments and SharePoint in the cloud, either Office 365 or SharePoint hosted in cloud services such as Azure or AWS.

Hi and welcome !!

My name is Sag Baruss and I’m an enterprise architect with over 20 years of IT experience designing, building and operating enterprise-class solutions built around the Microsoft stack of technologies. Currently I focus mostly on the creation, storage and consumption of corporate data, which means:

  1. Understanding the information organizations create,
  2. Collecting, storing and organizing all that information efficiently,
  3. Making it easy to find the right information when it’s needed, and
  4. Presenting all that information in ways that provide value and are easy to consume.

Using my very best industry buzz words, this means big data, the cloud, enterprise collaboration, and business process automation. …

Enterprise Architect | Infrastructure & Information Management SME | Security, Privacy & Compliance Advocate | Technology Enthusiast | Proud Husband and Father.

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