It seems like almost weekly, if not daily, there’s some story in the news about a company that has had their computer systems compromised or a person who has had their life stolen. Case in point — whether it affected the outcome or not, a cyber attack even became part…

For my first post, I’d like to revisit a topic that I’ve both presented numerous times and discussed regularly over the past few years. Although I’ve been unsuccessful in coining the term ‘SharePoint Erosion’, I have yet to encounter an organization that doesn’t struggle with this problem. …

Hi and welcome !!

My name is Sag Baruss and I’m an enterprise architect with over 20 years of IT experience designing, building and operating enterprise-class solutions built around the Microsoft stack of technologies. Currently I focus mostly on the creation, storage and consumption of corporate data, which means:

  1. Understanding…

Sag Baruss

Enterprise Architect | Infrastructure & Information Management SME | Security, Privacy & Compliance Advocate | Technology Enthusiast | Proud Husband and Father.

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