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In the last few years you may have heard a friend mention that they just enjoyed a Reiki energy healing session or that they are undergoing Reiki Training or Reiki Training Los Angeles, and you might have been tempted to ask them what this Far East-sounding, mystical practice is, but hesitated because you didn’t want to sound ignorant. Fortunately for you, I will outline a general idea of what Reiki is all about. Reiki is a holistic form of alternative medicine that has Far East roots, just as it sounds. Reiki was founded by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, back in 1922, but the practice of energy healing can be found in the annals of Chinese history dating back thousands of years, and the practice of energy healing for both Reiki and Qigong, the Chinese version, both base their schools of thought on the existence of a universal life force, a life force that exists for all living things, but is more pronounced (and obviously more pertinent) for us humans. It is the belief that all living humans have this life force flowing through and emanating from their person, and that when this life force, known as “ki” in the Reiki school of thought, and known as “qi” or “chi” in the Chinese school of thought, is blocked or somehow hampered, there will be a sense of something being out of place. It can also be exhibited in a loss of appetite, headaches, inexplicable stress, insomnia, and a whole slew of other symptoms that seem to have no explanation. It is

difficult for Western medicine to understand the world of energy healing simply because the Western world operates on the visible, the measurable, the reproducible. The world of energy healing focuses on the invisible, the immeasurable, and the individual-specific experience since each patient will respond differently to a Reiki healing session since each person will have their own issues, own problems, own energy issues. This does not make Reiki any less genuine, or any less important or needed in the lives of everyday individuals. The holistic system of medicine known as Reiki is just as philosophical as it is medicinal. The underlying and foundational belief is not just the existence and essence of this “ki,” it is the fact that a person is more than the physical frame that encompasses his frame. He is more than a body, fluids, and chemicals that you see walking around. There is a mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect to a person that is oftentimes overlooked or forgotten, but definitely is no less important than the physical. If you are looking to learn more about Reiki firsthand, and would like to experience it from the other side of the table to see it from a practitioner’s perspective, it would behoove you to take Reiki classes Los Angeles, to aim for Reiki Certification which will definitely give you the most intimate form of understanding what Reiki is about. Should you choose to become more serious about your Reiki practice, you can progress onto Reiki Attunement, beginning with Reiki Level 1 Attunement. Take a class with Reiki Master Carlos Caridad!

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