In our quest of empowering us Swift developers to build awesome, limitless, native cross platform Swift apps for Android and iOS, Cross Platform Swift is growing up with our next releases in June, July and August. In this article, I like to provide an outlook of what 2019 will mean to Cross Platform Swift developers and how the road ahead looks like:

Three main themes will guide our activities in 2019 and beyond:

I. Achieve feature completeness

In the last two years, we have been working hard with a small team of awesome engineers to provide the technical foundation of what makes Cross Platform…

With great pleasure, we see that Swift is continuing to grow and now reached place #10 on the famous Tiobe language index. TIOBE Software BV, the publisher of the index, showed Swift taking 10th place of the October 2018 language ranking index:

It is clearly the number one programming language to develop mobile apps for iOS. Although Swift is now also available for Android (apart from its home platform iOS), it is not used that often for Android development yet

We are especially proud that the ability to develop on Swift for Android made a small, but we hope growing contribution to the growth of the Apple Swift language.

Viva Swift
Your SCADE team

At SCADE, we want to make sure that all your favourite Swift data persistence options are available on both Android and iOS without a need for code changes. This article describes the SQLite.Swift support.

SQLite.Swift is an awesome library to make working with the SQLite database even easier. It provides utility classes to easily implement data persistency on iOS using Swift. Due to the availability of Swift Foundation for Android and static C library linking support thanks to SCADE, SQLite.Swift is now available for Swift for Android as well.

The design goal of the implementation is simple: Run your SQLite.Swift…

Unified logging for Cross Platform Swift on Android and iOS

So we embarked on our endeavor to provide you with a great cross platform logging framework with a iOS specific touch.

The initial design goals for version 1.0 of our logging Api are:

  • Ease of use across all platforms (SCADE simulator, iOS device and simulator, Android device and simulator)
  • The use of a common API across all platforms
  • Make it easy to access the log

Here are the challenges we encountered.

  1. iOS out of the box offers NS_LOG, and lately os_log as part of their Unified Logging System. Os_log is not backward compatible, unless you create your own os_log compatibility layer. …

At SCADE, we always think about how to make our users more productive. One big milestone we reached with SCADE is SPM support. We are very excited about this.

It means that you can easily download, build and link any Swift SPM library into your SCADE project and leverage Swift libraries on Android that are previously only available for iOS.

One great such library is CryptoSwift by Marcin Krzyzanowsk It is a pure Swift library that implements cryptographic algorithms. …

SCADE is finally moving towards GA in a few days, and as another channel of communication, we introduced our SCADE Youtube channel here.

There is a small first video about running Swift cross platform apps in the Android simulator.

We hope that using videos, we reach an even bigger audience and more visually convey the power of SCADE.

A great way to speed up the development of your Swift Cross Platform Native Mobile App is to leverage existing C libraries that exist for Android and iOS already.

There a great many libraries available as open source for all kind of purposes such as encryption, compression, image manipulation, communication and many more. For instance, SQLite is a great db provided as a C library.

We now extended the build system to support calling C libraries from Swift on Android (and certainly Swift on iOS)

First things first — finding the libraries

The most difficult step is procuring the different…

Under the hood

In this release — SCADE beta6 aka RC1 — we made significant changes to the build system of our cross platform app development solution for Apple Swift. Previously, we used separate build systems, one for iOS and one for Android, but that became unsustainable and hard to scale. Any change in regards to building apps had to be done for each platform. Now, with our migration and consolidation onto one build platform (cmake), it opens up a plethora of options and possibilities.

Faster download times through much smaller binaries

With release Beta6, we leverage code optimization techniques that come with the build platform resulting in much smaller…

The Apple Swift foundation provides core functionality that is both essential as well as highly beneficial when writing mobile mobile applications of any decent size. Before long, the Swift Foundation was only partially available for Android.

In February, we completed 100% support of Swift Foundation for Android.

The Swift Foundation exposes a garden variety of useful functionality. It covers, among others, functionality for handling JSON and XML, extended String functionality, Collection support, Networking support as well as Time and Date functionality. Moreover, a UUID comes in handy.

Most of our users’ apps make heavy use of Swift Foundation, and therefore…

Cross Platform App Development with Apple Swift

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