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Key Points:

  • New token distribution.

First things first:

The SCAVO Token is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard and derivatives of it. In their design, they guarantee certain rights to their holders.

On one hand, it provides the right to receive the profits, product of crypto mining operations, in proportion to the possession and circulation of the tokens.

On the other hand, the token holder will be able to create proposals…


As you can see, our last publication is from more than 1 year ago and that is why I will write this publication in the first person.

Given what happened with the project and the global context that we had to suffer during this 2020 (COVID-19), today I want to tell you that, despite this, we have been taking important steps in those aspects on which we were able to focus, dedicating the time necessary to finalize these stages in a definitive way.

Before continuing, I am going to show you (remind you) how the project is composed…

Deployed on UBIQ and BSC


As we said in a previous publication, the SCAVO Token is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard and derivatives of it. The fact that Ethereum fees are high enough today led us to build a multi-chain token with a focus on the main idea that it should be accessible to anyone, escpecially with the advanced features such as the proposals driven by the community, move tokens from one wallet to another, token trading and so on.

Because of this and among others things, we decided to deploy the SCAVO Farm Token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and UBIQ Smart…


Dear SCAVO Supporters, today we’ve updated our website ( in which you will find all the information you need from now on.

We want to make a special mention on the “Mining Farm Status” section with some


  • Through this section you can view the aggregated data of the different mining platforms.



Hello community

Before continuing, we suggest you read our previous post here:

Continuing with the previous publication, in this one we want to provide you with all the necessary information related to the approach that we are going to carry out on the crypto mining farms -SCAVO Farms -.

The way we will run crypto mining farms will be somewhat different from how it was originally intended. This will be so in order to integrate original investors into the project, predictably (through an established schedule) and at the same time allow the growth of the farms.

Next, we…

Let’s see what happens!


Dear Community:

We want to introduce you to our exchange platform, SCAVO Exchange.
SCAVO Exchange was conceived and written from scratch by our development team, without the use of third-party software or technology as well as refactoring. With more than 2 years of development, it is fully integrated with the company’s services, current and future.
Its main purpose is to allow the exchange of the SCAVO token for the community and the incorporation of new development projects related to blockchain technology.
We intend to make trading crypto assets easy and secure under a convenient environment and user-friendly interface. …

Hi SCAVO Supporter!

It’s been an exciting time for our team, and we’ve some exciting news to share!.

We want to introduce you our SCAVO Exchange — our fully-featured version of our digital assets exchange platform, launching our service next July 15th!.

As part of this launch, we are proud to announce the following:

  • Mobile and Web platform: We are launching our web platform at . For mobile users, we will publish our mobile App soon.

We’ve scheduled a website upgrade

Dear community:

On Thursday 18 and Friday 19 we will continue performing scheduled tasks in order to continue with the corresponding updates of the website.

During these days, access to the website may be denied at short intervals.


Join us to stay tuned

👉Telegram Channel:
👉Telegram group en Español:
👉Telegram group in English:

Regards to everyone!

SCAVO Technologies

SCAVO Technologies is a mining operations company established in General Lagos, Santa Fe, Argentina for building self-sustaining crypto mining farms.

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