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Dear Community:

We want to introduce you to our exchange platform, SCAVO Exchange.
SCAVO Exchange was conceived and written from scratch by our development team, without the use of third-party software or technology as well as refactoring. With more than 2 years of development, it is fully integrated with the company’s services, current and future.
Its main purpose is to allow the exchange of the SCAVO token for the community and the incorporation of new development projects related to blockchain technology.
We intend to make trading crypto assets easy and secure under a convenient environment and user-friendly interface.
In addition, our commissions are among the lowest in the market and the process of placing a fund in the commercial account is extremely fast.

We understand that the volume of rotation of the funds will increase gradually and steadily and that is why for those holders of the SCAVO token different bonds will be implemented that will help to further decrease the market rate.


In this first stage the available markets are:


Soon we will be enabling FIAT markets (for more information see our roadmap):


Available trading pairs are:


If you are interested in listing your project, please read our listing policy and complete the form on the site. We will contact you shortly.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the listing process, you can contact us at
To ensure transparency in the process, all information is published in the Listing Policy.

In addition, any comments are welcome and appreciated. We highly encourage bug reports, comments and suggestions for improvement in this group so that we can improve our platform with our community!


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SCAVO Technologies is a mining operations company established in General Lagos, Santa Fe, Argentina for building self-sustaining crypto mining farms.

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