Endeavor: NVIDIA’s New Workspace

Photo courtesty of endeavor.nividia.com

By Edith Andersen

Beginning site preparation nearly two years ago, NVIDIA’s brand new building, called Endeavor, has finally opened. Only 15 minutes away from the Santa Clara campus, Imaginarium team member Edith Andersen had the opportunity to explore the building shortly after its grand opening. Designed by the same architect that built the tallest building in China, Endeavor boasts 72,000 square feet of windows and skylights, over 200 soundproof conference and phone rooms, and countless large collaborative office spaces. NVIDIA employees began moving into the new building roughly two weeks ago and, under full capacity, will house 2,500 innovative employees working on all things virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cutting edge graphic processing units.

As most gaming junkies know, computer graphics are all built with triangle based shapes. In a sophisticated homage to their foundations, Endeavor is designed with the precious three-sided shapes in mind.

Visit Endeavor’s own website, http://endeavor.nvidia.com/, to learn more about the innovative building and all it has to offer to the Silicon Valley!