12 Reasons to Love Your SCU Library

  1. It’s Bucky’s favorite place to study, so it’s Bronco certified!

2. There are many different types of study spaces. You can sit in a communal area, or be a little more relaxed, lay back, and enjoy some sunshine on the terraces.

3. There are rows and rows of books and it’s easy to order them from the Automated Retrieval System (ARS).

4. Access 26,000 films for free through our streaming service, Kanopy. That’s a lot more than Netflix!

5. You won’t ever go hungry, because you can either bring your own food or grab snacks and coffee from the Sunstream Cafe.

6. Need a little privacy or space for a study group? Reserve a private room!

7. There are multiple computer labs with various programs like Adobe Creative Suite, and others that also double as quiet study spaces.

8. Can you find these secret study spots in the library?

9. Different floors are designated for various noise levels. Chat with your friend on the 1st Floor or study in the Quiet Zone on the 3rd Floor.

10. If your devices’ batteries are running low, you can recharge them at the handy charging stations, or borrow chargers from the Help Desk.

11. Late night hours are incredibly useful for late night studying. The Library is open til 2 AM most nights when school is in session, and 24 hours during finals week! Check out our hours here.

12. Need help with anything? Just message us through Ask a Librarian, we’re here for you 24/7!