Optimize Your Snap Chat Skills by Participating in #ChatSnap

Twitter Chats are online discussions between Twitter users on a certain trending topic of choice. They are scheduled events, usually weekly with a recurring time of day. This week I participated in #ChatSnap, which was founded and hosted by Kristy Gillentine (@KrisGillentine). It is a Twitter Chat devoted entirely to discussions about Snap Chat.

Chat Snap is an hour long and is comprised on eight questions that users can respond to. Gillentine poses questions to the participants and awaits their responses. She then selects responses to retweet so that every participant can engage in the conversation. Kristy began the chat by starting with ice breaker questions. These ice breaker questions are designed for users to get acquainted with one another and to find common interests. It is also a way for new users to learn the system of Twitter Chats. Gillentine’s ice breaker questions were as follows:

1. ICEBREAKER 1: Latest Snapchat update introduces “Custom Stories”: https://www.snap.com/en-US/news/ Have you tried it? Think you’ll like it? #chatsnap

2. ICEBREAKER 2: Instagram added face filters last week. As @Forbes asked, could this be “the final nail in the coffin for Snapchat?” #chatsnap

I liked that Gillentine chose the Snap Chat update to go over for her icebreaker. It allowed new users to be informed of the update and already-informed users to share their insights. I also enjoyed her icebreaker about the battle of face filters between Instagram Stories and Snap Chat Stories.

Gillentine’s eight questions for the chat were as follows:

1. Q1 Who could get the most value out of using Snapchat as a tool for learning new things, and why? #chatsnap

2. Q2 Have you ever learned anything on Snapchat? If so, name one thing that stands out, and tag who taught it to you! #chatsnap

3. Q3 Have you followed anyone on Snapchat w/ the intent to learn something specific from them? If so, whom, & what have you learned? #chatsnap

4. Q4 Have u ever used Snapchat to teach someone something? If so, what — most recently? And which features did you use to teach it? #chatsnap

5. Q5 What do you think would be the most important feature to use within Snapchat for training/teaching someone, and why? #chatsnap

6. Q6 Are your co-workers or colleagues on Snapchat? If not, why not? And if so, do you engage with them? #chatsnap

7. Q7 What are some downsides of Snapchat in the workplace? #chatsnap

8. Q8 How could Snapchat best be used for onboarding new employees? #chatsnap

All of Kristi’s questions were well planned out and well executed. Participants actively tweeted out their responses which kept the discussion engaging. I replied to Question 2 with a response that derived from my social media management class. Through a previous class lecture, I had been exposed to a local entrepreneur that maintains a relationship with his customers through Snap Chat.

I really enjoyed my experience in using Twitter Chats, especially through #ChatSnap. It’s a great way for social media managers to engage with and learn from one another. It creates a community that facilitates the growth and success of social media for business and personal branding.

Check out #ChatSnap with @KrisGillentine on Twitter every Wednesday at 2PM E.T. / 11AM P.T.

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