This article shows how a systemic design approach was used to support the implementation of a policy direction that touches multiple services and organisations. It discusses how a team of designers and policy makers mobilised services to action through breaking silos, building empathy and developing a community of practice.

Service Design Network

by nourhan hegazy and Kara Waites. Published originally in Touchpoint Vol. 12 №2 — Service Design and Systems Thinking.

Connecting policy with service

As society evolves, new approaches are being adopted by governments to meet needs. In 2018, the Canadian federal government introduced a “Policy Direction to Modernize Sex and Gender Information Practices” that aims to promote the respect, inclusion and personal safety of transgender, non-binary and two-spirit people. This policy direction acts as a framework to align federal public services on inclusive practices and asks them to rethink how and why they collect and display sex and gender information.

The policy direction was…

Along with fellow service design pioneers in the New York City area, Natalie Kuhn helped establish the SDN New York Chapter. In the years since her team and chapter have been recognised with awards for their chapter activities, and she has been involved with the global SDN’s efforts around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as part of a taskforce established in 2020. She also manages to find time for her day job: Managing service design at US banking giant Capital One. Here, she chats with Touchpoint Editor-in-Chief Jesse Grimes about her roles and ambitions.

Jesse Grimes: You’ve been at the forefront of a group of volunteers who have fostered and built the service design community in New York City, first independently and then as a Chapter of the SDN. Who does that community consist of now, and how do you characterise the practice of service design in the city?

Natalie Kuhn: Our community consists of folks who range from being interested in understanding what service design is to practicing professionals within the field. Up until the pandemic we catered to those within the New York City area, extending into New Jersey, but now we…

Service Design is currently dominated by a focus on the user journey and therefore is not sufficient in itself for highly complex public challenges which cross agencies and sectors. To tackle complex public sector issues, the integration of systemic design capacity and a cross-disciplinary approach is crucial.

Service Design Network

by Benedicte Widlhagen and Ellen Strålberg. Published originally in Touchpoint Vol. 12 №2 — Service Design and Systems Thinking.

The Norwegian public sector has paid increasing attention to the use of service design to improve and renew public services. This has been particularly evident in projects such as Designit Oslo’s revolutionary remediation of waiting times for breast cancer diagnoses at Oslo University Hospital in 20131. By reducing the waiting time from three months to five days, service design’s effectiveness was proven. …

How TELUS is reimagining the future of telecom through service design and digital transformation

AUTHOR — Will Novosedlik

Organizations seem to have two ways of dealing with change. Some accept its inevitability and find ways to embrace it. Others resist it, hoping to preserve the world they know instead of the one that’s rushing towards them. Most fall into the latter category.

There are neurological reasons for this. The human brain is not built to imagine what is not here yet, it is built to recognize what is here already. In the words of Marshall McLuhan, “When faced with a…

Inspiring traditional change management through service design

Service Design Network

by Terri Block and Susan Bartlett . Published originally in Touchpoint Vol. 11 No. 3 — Service Design and Change Management.

In this article, we discuss that service designers are particularly well equipped with skills and tools to create change in organisations and can do so more explicitly by applying a flywheel capability model to their work.

“We need a new organisation-wide training strategy. We have been training the most critical teams in the organisation in the same way since the 1980s and we need to move out of the dark ages. Problem is, the teams are…

A Seamless Symbiosis. A successful case in the retail industry

Service Design Network

by Raphael Sousa. Published originally in Touchpoint Vol. 11 No. 3 — Service Design and Change Management.

Service design has started to go mainstream. Organisations in all sectors are developing the discipline internally to permeate their current initiatives. Organisational objectives include remaining relevant in the digital era, keeping on track with evolving customer behaviours in a continuous, fast-changing society, and anticipating potential new competitors that are not necessarily in the same industry.

As a consequence of the organisational need to be more agile and adaptable, service design is facing some challenges in terms of implementation: How to…

For this edition of the Touchpoint Profile, Editor-in-Chief Jesse Grimes speaks to Patti Hunt, founder and director of MAKE Studios, a service innovation company based in Hong Kong, about her work with multi-national corporations, NGOs and start-ups in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the unique challenges posed by practicing service design in Hong Kong.

Service Design Network

by Jesse Grimes. Published originally in Touchpoint Vol. 11 No. 3 — Service Design and Change Management.

Jesse Grimes: Your location in Hong Kong must offer a unique and exciting dynamic, with China on the doorstep, yet having a very different business…

Discover the newly published Touchpoint Vol. 11 No. 3 - Service Design and Change Management, and order your printed or digital copy now!

by Jesse Grimes for the Editorial board. Guest Editors of this issue are Dr. Tina Weisser and Robert Bau.

Service design has an interesting conundrum in its (methodological) heart. If you pick up any textbook about our practice, or scour places such as Pinterest, Slack workspaces or Medium, you will find countless examples of deliverables and techniques from the earliest stages of a typical service design project. Journey maps, variations on service blueprints and methods to conduct…

Talking Points to Help Land Your Next Client

Service Design Network

by Kendall Griffin. Published originally at Service Design Network website:

It was not so long ago that if one were asked the question “What is design?”, the response would likely have described a creative process resulting in the production of a tangible object that could be seen, touched, smelled or even consumed.

Fast-forward to today and design can no longer be described so simply, having since evolved into something far more reaching and impacting so many aspects of our everyday lives. From how we listen to music, watch our favourite programmes or communicate with our friends, design helps ensure that experiences take place as intended. Service design…

Experience Prototyping at Scale

Service Design Network

by Adam B Cochrane and Joydeep Sengupta. Published originally in Touchpoint Vol. 11 No.2 — Experience Prototyping.

Product designers Joydeep Sengupta and Adam Cochrane look into the issues of prototyping at scale, sharing insights on how fashion retailer Zalando is going about building a prototyping culture within a 14,000 person organisation.

What does it actually take to make prototypes work at Zalando? Joydeep, who builds experiences in the area of convenience, describes the challenge of scale: “One unique thing for us designers, is the size of it.” …

Service Design Network

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