Behind the scenes with Calibre PR and Marketing Manager Cassie Callegher

Established in 1969 by founder Gary Zecevic, Australian menswear brand Calibre is known for their signature tailoring, design and quality fabrics. With stores across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and an online store, Calibre PR and Marketing Manager Cassie Callegher is one busy bee. We spoke with her to learn more about the company and her role.


Calibre is Australia’s leading menswear brand, epitomising sharp, sophisticated and fashion-forward style.

Calibre menswear was founded in 1989 by Gary Zecevic. He saw that no one in Australia was producing sharp, tailored clothing for men like he saw in Europe. He wanted to create a brand that was Australia’s only premium fashion brand for men, and began by opening up Australia’s first menswear boutique on Chapel Street in Melbourne. He never wanted to use his own name because his purpose has never been to make the Calibre journey about himself; his aim has always been for the product to speak for itself.


My role as PR and marketing Manager at Calibre involves a little bit of everything! I am responsible for the marketing, PR and digital strategies for the Calibre brand.

No day is ever the same in marketing, which is what I love about my job! I work with all areas of the business including retail, buying, planning and design. Usually the morning starts by checking and replying to emails and actioning what is necessary. I am one of the few Melbournians that doesn’t drink much coffee, but I do love to go down to our local coffee shop and grab a chai in the mornings after I have cleared through a few emails with the team. At the moment we are planning spring/summer 2016 season, so currently mid-morning is spent going through imagery from our photo shoots and working with our graphic designer and marketing assistant to create EDMs and creative content for the season.

I can be a bit of a numbers and data nerd, so towards lunch I look at analytics and reporting to see any important insights I can find and action.

In the afternoon I have meetings with key internal and external stakeholders to execute and grow the Calibre brand. As it comes to later in the day the team and I make sure our digital content and social calendars are up to date and actioned.

To be a successful in marketing and PR you have to be a great multi-tasker. The team constantly have dozens of jobs on the go at once, and a day can be filled with jobs in totally unrelated areas. So you have to be on the ball and have a good memory! Organisation is the key of course! Because of the nature of the job there are so many touch points in marketing to cover daily — and I couldn’t live without a to-do list.


I think it’s important for businesses to have a strong online presence because it’s 2016 and we are in a digital age. Consumers have the power in today’s market, which is really exciting! They now have the ability to shop in a totally different way to how they did before, which is why it’s so important to keep up to date with new technologies in the digital space to make it as easy for customers to browse or purchase online.

Calibre have brick-and-mortar stores and an online store. The advantage of offering customers both shopping experiences is everyone shops differently! Some men like to browse the web at home before heading to their local shopping centre, whereas others don’t have the time and just order it online. Then there are some that look at shopping as an experience, who enjoy coming into our stores and being styled by our staff.


What makes Calibre unique is our fit and quality. Our designers spend a lot of time perfecting the quality and fit of our product, I believe it is one of the things that sets us apart.

It’s an exciting time for Calibre right now because we are heading into the spring/summer season, and spring racing is around the corner, which is always an exciting time of year for us!

Looking ahead to the future, Calibre will continue to be a destination for Australian men who love beautifully made, high quality menswear, no matter if it is for work, weekends or a special occasion.

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