Common Plumbing Problems During the Holidays

It is not uncommon for plumbing problems to take place during the holiday season. The San Diego Plumbing Professionals Association (SDPPA) says toilet and sink clogs are some of the most common plumbing complaints that they get during November and December. Emergency plumbing teams are usually deployed during the season of giving, so to speak, because of the sink overflows, or clogged toilets which can potentially dampen a homeowner’s holiday spirit.

Holiday plumbing problems. (Photo Credits)

So what are the usual causes of this spike in plumbing complaints during the holidays?

The SDPPA explains, more people are home during the holidays. This means plumbing systems get used round the clock and more cooking and kitchen water use is required. Social events are also likely to be hosted at home, adding to the usual foot traffic in the bathroom, and even in the kitchen where food is being prepared. International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

When more people use plumbing fixtures, it is bound to put a strain in the home plumbing system. Clogs are more likely to occur because some guests may dispose tissue and other hygiene items in the toilet. Same goes with more children at home who may drop toys in the toilet.

To avoid such plumbing troubles, the SDPPA says putting a polite reminder by the bathroom reminding guests to not throw tissue in the toilet, can help avoid toilet clogs. Being mindful of what is thrown in the garbage disposal can also go a long way towards avoiding kitchen clogs. Not disposing fats and grease or used oil, plus starchy food down the drain is a must if you want a clog-free perfectly-working sink drainage system.

Moreover, the SDPPA is reminding households to not forego periodic plumbing maintenance inspections. These inspections nip potential plumbing trouble in the bud, and prevents repair expenses from escalating due to unaddressed plumbing issues.

According to the SDPPA maintenance inspections are best carried out prior to the winter months so that the plumber can help prepare plumbing fixtures in time for the winter season. Burst pipes due to freezing are one of the emergency plumbing repairs that plumbers get summoned for during winter time.






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