SDX4: TACSI Takes Over!

SDX4 was a special session, as we were so pleased to host the only Alberta stop of the Inspiring Action for Social Impact Tour. Organized by Social Innovation Generation (SiG), the tour brought The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) to Canada for a cross-country tour to share their learnings and experiences of bringing social innovation to life. On September 20th we welcomed TACSI’s Carolyn Curtis, CEO and Ingrid Burkett, Director of Learning and Systems Innovation, along with Geraldine Cahill, Manager of Programs and Partnerships with SiG. Our first SDX hijack was upon us!

For TACSI, Carolyn explained that innovation is about ideation through to implementation, and every stage needs rigour. What are the levels of evidence that you need at each stage of the process? What is the problem and what are the opportunities? How true are they? Click here to see TACSI’s presentation.

The session was a great opportunity to learn about how TACSI approaches its work, and for SDXers to dive more deeply into what we mean when we talk about ‘systems change’.

Click here to read the narrative from SDX4.