SDX5: Abundant Community Edmonton

Our morning kicked off with the question ‘what type of innovator are you?’ This question emerged from the book ‘IMPACT’ by Al Etmanski, where he outlines three types of social innovators: disruptive, bridging, and receptive.

As an icebreaker, SDXers were invited to identify which type of innovator most reflects them.

Abundant Communities Edmonton (ACE) is a natural collaborator with SDX for a few reasons. First, ACE is a partnership between government and community — just like SDX! There is an opportunity for SDX to learn from this working relationship. Second, ACE is one of the few local examples of a disruptive innovation taking root in government and scaling up and out — more opportunities for learning and to connect a social innovation framework to a real-world example. Third, SDX can be useful to ACE: as a growing initiative, ACE is learning along the way. With a diverse, cross-section of Edmontonians (who all live in neighbourhoods!), SDX is a great place for ACE to test ideas and get feedback.

Prior to the session, SDX conveners met with Anne and Howard to chat about how SDX could be useful for them: were there any questions we could explore that could help them move ACE forward? Are there any questions ACE is wrestling with? Any ideas we could explore?

Together, we came up with three questions. SDX Conveners took these questions and thought through how to bring this to SDXers in a way that would let them explore a new systemic design tool or concept, and gain some practical experience. We chose to explore the three questions below using two methods: 25/10 Crowdsourcing, one of the liberating structures created by Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz, and rapid prototyping.

SDXers share their prototypes with the group.

Click here to read the narrative from SDX5 with Abundant Communities Edmonton.