Never Give Up!

Success can be achieved through many ways but the most important way is through persistence. An example of two people who were persistent were Melanie and Raquel from Three Miles. Despite growing up poor, they were both nominated for a Posse scholarship but unfortunately got eliminated. But that didn’t stop Raquel from becoming successful. Raquel went on to attend and graduate from Bards college and got a job as a paralegal. Meanwhile Melanie allowed the minor setback to change her attitude on life and suffered for it. She allowed her ethnic background to determine how her life will be. As of right now she is working at a dead end job at a grocery store, bagging groceries. And I know for a fact no one wants to be in a grocery store for the rest of their life. Don’t be a Melanie, be a Raquel! You’re life will be so much better, trust me.

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