My Social Media Journey with DigitalMumsHQ

So I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to write a blog about this wonderful company, however one things for sure, I wanted to be ‘one’ of the people to write about my journey. Life as a mum flashes before your eyes, and thoughts come and go, but sometimes you have to just STOP take a breath, look at what you have and what you have achieved and thank those who have helped you get there. So Aww thanks DM’s… right sorry y’all, gushing out of the way,on with the story :)

Quick snapshot…So I’m a mum to an absolutely amazing but highly energetic 2 year old, and well she keeps me on my toes! I have a husband who’s a workaholic and a house in East London..(not the trendy part, but I’m campaigning for a cafe at least).

Pre-child I worked my way up to be a manager in the corporate world of broadcast, I had worked in this industry all my life, I was always on the look out for something else, something engaging and creative.. but like many people would agree, a regular salary is addictive.

Post child…..different story! As many new mums find out, children and the corporate world just don’t gel. The hours, the nursery pick ups, the sick days off, this wasn’t in the baby books! I couldn’t work reduced hours in my post neither could organise childcare for that length of time.. so I had no choice I had to quit, just like that….child or job?? hmm can I have them both?.. nope afraid not! However, luckily I did manage to pick up a few days of work a week in a position I had 10 years prior #slapintheface but hey it was money! But then..WHAM!! I had an epiphany…I don’t even remember how I found them.. but all I knew is I wanted to be part of it! Yep #DM’s was for me!!

So I signed up, went through the interview and was accepted! Yey! or Oh No! what have a I done! Working at night and at the weekend??!! looking after a toddler and working part time?!! was I mad?!! Haha nooo, I needed to make a change, I needed experience, I needed a raft to get to that ‘That’s where I want to be’ island. So it began…

I have to say some of the weeks were crazy intense, and others were research, research, research! But I was learning so much.. I was a sponge! My eyes were opening, I didn’t realise just how powerful social media could be and I could be part of it! Then we were allocated our clients… I have a background in media.. I also trained as a Naturopath, did a photography course and have travelled the world.. I thought yey come on Digital Mums throw a travel client my way!! But then.. What!! hold on a mighty minute!! it’s a play.. on teenage sexting!! WHAT!! where do I go from there… my ideas of selling lifestyles, editing pretty picture, being aspirational.. oh dear.. gone… Ok take a breath.. don’t panic time to get gritty!!! To cut a long story short it was a total blessing in disguise.. I loved it!! This campaign took me into areas I thought I’d never visit, I chatted with so many campaigners, I had to expand my mind and think outside the box.. I had to get my creative juices very much in full flow..and because of this I learnt a huge, ginormous amount.. I was stretched, but in a way I knew anything was possible. I carried on with my client after the course, the play was a virtual sell out and I was as proud as punch!

Becoming a digital mum, not only gave me the skills of ‘How to do Social Media’ but also gave me the confidence in my ability. Working for a corporate company it’s so easy to get pigeon holed. Working for yourself there is no such thing as a pigeon hole.. a niche yes, but that’s you saying I’m a specialist, not somebody else telling you to stay in your corner.

So what’s happening now.. well I am a flexible worker.. sometimes it’s a juggling act, but that’s all the fun. I am challenged on a daily basis, and I have more confidence now than ever before. I’m always up for a hustle and I love the fact I never know what my next client will bring to the table…