Representation Matters: Woman Judge Blasts Guards Over Treatment of Female Inmate
Charlotte Clymer

As a former inmate I can confirm this treatment is common. I entered prison with advanced breast cancer, two months after my mastectomy. Here is a quote from my book The Slumber Party From Hell about toilet paper.

…” what about hygiene needs? Each inmate is issued one roll of tissue-thin toilet paper a week and if you run out, too bad. I did run out in orientation and, in my naïveté, I went to the officer to ask for more. He paused, looked at me and snapped, “No.”

I was stunned. After all, toilet paper is a pretty basic human need and we aren’t a third world country.

“But what shall I do?” I implored.

He sneered as he looked down on me like I was an insect and raised his eyebrow,

“It sucks to be you.”