Racism and Blood!

Imagine you’ve been in a terrible accident. Rushed to the ER, you’re awaiting a blood transfusion. Weakly, you grasp the nurse’s arm. “Nurse, what color blood is that, “white blood, black blood, brown blood or inmate’s blood?”

It’s red blood, you idiot. Could be from anyone and it can save your life. Are you going to turn it down? I don’t think so.

For heaven’s sake, look and think below the surface of skin color. We are human beings on a small, beautiful, fragile planet. We have a richness of colors and cultures. Why would we choose to live in a drab, dull place when we can choose the joys of color? Why would we choose violence when we can choose peace? Why would we choose hate when we can choose love? Some day you might just be in the ER in need of blood.