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Religion was invented when the first fool met the first charlatan.
The charlatan was slickly able to read the ignorance and confusion in the malformed mind of the fool and KNEW that this was someone easily led and conned into irrational thinking singularly for the benefit of the charlatan.
The ensuing charlatans of the world saw women and children as powerless and easily led and/or controlled.
THIS is why the various brands of religion are, in reality, systems of control of those same powerless and confused women and children with these religions being run by the same evil men descended from that first charlatan.

It has gone exponentially downhill ever since.

Let this BOY wrestle without the interference of those who proselytize their hate and bigotry. those types voted for the chump just as the BOY’S mother is now seeing that she made a major error in voting for the thing.

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