Congress is failing our country… yet again #IncompetentCongress

SEIU Local 2015
2 min readJan 26, 2018


Congress is failing us yet again.

Working families are sick and tired of the self-imposed crises Congressional leaders have repeatedly created over the past year. It’s unfair and inhumane to the people of this country.

The truth is that while Congressional leaders partake in political games and refuse to support bipartisan solutions, we the people are affected the most.

Lives are at stake. Families are being ripped apart. Healthcare services remain at risk.

The future of workers like Norma Zelaya and those around her is up in the air. Norma is a Temporary Protected Status recipient, has been in this country for many years, and has dedicated her life to providing care to seniors and people with disabilities who have no one else to help them live.

She has raised two daughters who are DACA recipients and honor roll students hoping to pursue their education and careers in this country that is their home.

People like Norma and her daughters help keep our economy and our country running, yet Congressional leaders keep trying to push them out.

Their latest self-imposed crisis — a temporary government funding — means over 100 DREAMers, like Norma’s daughters, are being ripped away from their families and sent to countries that they’ve never known. And care recipients, like Norma’s, are stuck wondering every morning if their caregiver will make it to work that day. Norma’s care recipient is a 91 year old woman who is wheelchair bound and depends on Norma to help her eat, bathe, and get around.

When these so-called leaders fail to come to an agreement — they fail our country. We don’t need anymore self-imposed crises or failures. We need leaders that can get the job done. Leaders that can keep families together. Come February 8, if this Congress can’t do that yet again, in November the members of SEIU 2015 are prepared to elect leaders who can.



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