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The Fight of Our Lives: We Won’t Let a New Administration Take Away What We’ve Fought Hard to Earn

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By Officers of SEIU Local 2015

From what we’ve seen so far, the next 4 years will be a difficult time for working families.

With an incoming U.S. Presidential Administration that is pro-corporation and anti-worker, every appointment made so far shows us that we’re going to have to fight like never before to protect the wins working families have made together.

California long term care workers have fought long and hard, and we must protect what we’ve worked hard to win.

Now, more than ever, there is too much at stake to not fight back. We will defend what we’ve worked hard to bring to fruition.

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One election cannot change what we stand for and our fight forward.

The fight for better wages, fair benefits, safe working standards, and quality care continues.

California will exemplify the values of compassion, justice, equality, and dignity that our country stands for by protecting working families, fighting for economic justice and affordable housing, protecting our immigrant communities and our environment, ensuring access to healthcare for working families, and reforming our justice system.

We will continue to empower our worker organizations to ensure that our voices are heard, what we’ve won is protected, and we continue to win for long term care workers, those to whom we provide care. and the communities in which we live.

California leads by example. Let’s continue to lead.

La lucha sigue!

— Laphonza Butler, Kim Evon, Arnulfo de la Cruz, April Verrett

Join us in our fight forward: Help us Create a More Just Society for All

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SEIU 2015 Officers from left to right: Arnulfo de la Cruz, Kim Evon, April Verrett, Laphonza Butler

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The largest long term care workers union in the U.S. We represent over 370K home care & nursing home workers in CA.

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