Trumpcare Defeated for Now

By Laphonza Butler

SEIU Local 2015
Jul 20, 2017 · 3 min read

With the apparent demise of Trumpcare, we have shown the power that ordinary people have to stop disastrous policy. However, let us not be mistaken. This victory is not final. The Republican leadership in Washington and their plutocratic backers do not view this as an ultimate failure or as a rejection of their extremist agenda to enrich themselves and their billionaire friends at the expense of everyone else. No, for them, this is merely a setback — a temporary delay. Replacement or no replacement, they have shown that there is only one goal: to strip tens of millions of Americans of their health care in order to fund tax breaks for the wealthy

They’ve shown a callous disregard for life by producing a plan that would devastate Medicaid, slash protections for pre-existing conditions, and devastate the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program in order to hand out tax breaks to the wealthiest, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance industry executives.

They’ve chosen to better the lives of the top 1% even if it means leaving people without the only lifeline they have available to them. People like Connie Barker, a 57-year-old home care worker from Marin County who frequents her doctor’s office for preventative care as she was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease at the age of 19 and has a family history of heart disease and cancer. And Richard Dituri from Fresno County, who has dedicated his days to being a full-time caregiver through the IHSS program for his partner who has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and heart problems.

We must continue to rise together for the millions of Americans like Connie and Richard because we know that the second Republicans think they have 50 votes, they will jam through this disastrous bill. This is why we must remain vigilant and we must continue to pressure Republican leadership in Washington and congressmembers in California to let them know that we are still watching,we will not let them move forward with their plan to strip millions of health care, and we will stand up to their plutocratic donors.

We’ve shown what true people power can accomplish. They thought that the ACA would be repealed in Trump’s first 100 days. They thought that people were going to sit back and let their health care be ripped from them. But they were wrong. We marched, we chanted, and we blockaded. We called, we shared our stories even behind locked doors at district offices of Republican members of congress,, we talked with our friends and the public about the disaster that is Trumpcare. This fight isn’t over, but we’ve stopped them for now. Let us not rest because we won a battle, we must stay the course to continue to block policies that hurt us all.

We know that this bill is a ticking time bomb — and that’s why we won’t stop with our Hands Off Our Healthcare efforts. We will continue to put pressure on elected officials and remind them they are accountable to us, they have one job, to serve their constituents, until they do the right thing and until we see policy proposals that work for everyone and not just the wealthiest.

Will you press on? Will you continue to RESIST policies that are not on the right side of history and undermine our American values? Will you continue to fight for the livelihood of our communities?

Join us — sign up here.

Laphonza Butler, Provisional President of SEIU Local 2015
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