Without The ACA, My Husband Would Be Condemned To His Grave

By Patricia Santana, In-Home Supportive Services Worker & Member of SEIU Local 2015

“…‘til death do us part.” That was part of the vows I made to my husband on our wedding day. And never did I think that Republicans would be the force that tried to come between my husband and me and condemn him to his grave by taking the only lifeline he currently has — his health insurance.

Patricia Santana and her husband at an ACA rally in Los Angeles

My husband is diabetic and has prostate cancer. He had one full leg and part of another leg amputated, and requires round-the-clock wound care and supervision as he can’t walk on his own or lift himself in and out of bed.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, my husband has insurance despite his pre-existing conditions, income, or his age. This is a huge financial and emotional relief for us as we can barely make ends meet on his social security pay and the money I make as his home care provider. Losing his insurance would be detrimental to his well-being.

I am an active fighter against any efforts to repeal any portions of the ACA because my husband’s life is on the line. Limiting his doctor visits, his medication, or taking away his health insurance would send him to his grave, and so long as I have my health and am conscious, I will fight against the Republicans’ attempt to make cuts to the ACA.

Thousands gathered in support of the ACA

When I vowed to care and love my husband ’til death do us part, I meant it. However, I refuse to let Members of Congress put my husband’s health at risk all because they rather give tax cuts to big businesses and the wealthy. My husband and I may not have billions in the bank, but we have each other and we have worked hard together to keep him alive and relatively healthy year after year.

I will not stop fighting for my husband and the millions of Americans like him whose health is at risk, or worse — who could potentially die if they lost their health insurance.

For many, the ACA is the only lifeline keeping them from a hospital bed or a graveyard. And it’s a lifeline worth protecting.

Patricia and her husband were featured in an interview on Univision LA:

Univision LA “Obamacare: Voces a Favor” special featuring SEIU Local 2015 member, Patricia Santana