She just a girl. And She just 21 years old.

What a life! She always questioning anything but is there someone know the answer? Or she has already know the answer?

Now she just sit on the corner of the coffeshop. Realizing that she hasnt time to me time like this for long time. Smoking her cigar, yes she hasnt smoke for a while too. Listening to live music, playing singing her fav songs.. Yes she like mainstream. Her mind is trying to figure it something, something has missing on her. She knew it before it happened. But she just let the moment brings her into today she realize again. She just hasnt met him yet. Maybe they just met at wrong time. She start to think again strolling the day when she just got nothing and let her happiness depend on others. She wants to know herself more to love herself more. But sometimes she just loose her feeling and let them pull her hearts to the others life. Yes we could see the light because God has given us the dark. She still has faith. She still believe. She push herself to do something that she hasnt done yet. But she is happy she will through it with time. Time is her best friend tho. It could be healer to herself and makes her to be happy again. To feel that she could happy with herself and she can control it.

To know that she didnt waste her time but she just didnt meet her expectation. And it seems to be hurt but its not. She just a girl. A girl wants to be loved. A girl wants to feel anything and sharing to person she loved. She know she must have give more to others, her caring, money, time, energy and love. She could ask to turn it back or she just has nothig to loose, right?

For who she is today, she still believe she can do anything. She could be with someone, maybe tomorrow or the next day. Maybe next week or month. But first she has to deal with herself. For not taking others responsibility on her feelings. She just believe she can meet that person.

Yes she believe.

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