What is the Google Algorithm?

Types of google algorithms

For people who are accustomed to working in the world of programming and computer may already be familiar with google algorithm, since this is a step or solutions used to solve the problem of computer programming, which is related to mathematical calculations. Because sometimes there is a problem easily solved mathematical perceived in writing, but to translate into programming is sometimes quite difficult. So it takes the algorithm.

Panda algorithm or better known as the google panda released first on 23 February 2011, the algorithm is the type of algorithm that prioritizes the quality of a piece of content, it is intended that visitors who use google search can get quality search results and be able to give explanations complete and understandable. Therefore, if a blog or a website featuring content with particularly low quality copy-paste content will result in downgrades on your blog or Jasa SEO website. So all you have to do is to update your site only on the user experience because the algorithm is more focused on content.

The next type of algorithm is the Penguin algorithm, the type of algorithm that was released on 24 April 2012 is an algorithm that is intended to combat spam and filter out backlinks acquired by the blog or website. The authenticity of a piece of content is preferred by the algorithm of this type, but it is also very sensitive algorithms with blogs to get backlinks from sites of excessive spam. This type of algorithm is the filter as well as panda algorithm.

Then on 20 August 2013 was released back type of algorithm that is Humming Bird, in general this type of algorithm is an algorithm that is associated with the search data. This algorithm was released to enhance search algorithms cafeeine index. So if you need help in finding a site that you go then you can use this algorithm, because this type of data in order to focus on the search results can be appropriate to the purpose or keyword search.

Discussion of the latter is the algorithm Pigeon which was released in July 2014, Google released a kind of algorithm is to search local listings. This kind of just focus on the search results so that the role of keywords and articles is quite large. So the purpose of releasing google algorithm to develop a renewal on the relevance of the content and keywords in content for local search listings. To maximize the function of the algorithm of this type on your website then you need to do is to increase the authority site, create content and applications for data search, google plus connecting profile and website, and the last one is asking for a response or comment from visitors to the website or blog.

Well, from the above information related to google algorithm may be useful for readers, especially those frequently engaged with programming and computer. So with this information may be able to increase your knowledge related to issues of programming. So once you know how your solution will not be a headache, because it’s quite complicated programming problems that need learning, so if you want to learn programming you have to learn from scratch and identify all the problems that occur and how to be a reliable solution for the programming to be much resolve problems that occur. And further to obtain further information you can find other information from several existing references.

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