Debunking Common Myths about SEO

There are many myths floating around about SEO that can give you bad advice on how to prepare your company website’s content, and as a result, you may not get the traffic you want. Don’t let yourself get drawn in by misconceptions that can hurt your chances to get good clients. Debunking some of these common SEO myths will help as you work with your SEO company for Utah to optimize your website’s content.

1. You Don’t Need Video and Images

You may be told that words are all that matter for SEO content. In reality, video and images are an important form of media that can actually be invaluable in catching the attention of viewers. For one thing, video and images can easily work in harmony with SEO. Once your SEO company for Utah has determined the right keywords for your company, you can consult with them to attach images and video to those words. In addition, many net users actively search for images and video. It’s only proper that you have your own videos ready to be found by potential clients.

2. You Only Need Good Content

Your company’s website may be flooded with great images, video, blog content and article pages. After all, that’s all you really need, right? Great content will automatically be picked up web engines, or so you may have been told. The truth is that you can equip your site with great bells and whistles and it will still get buried under tons of web results. Remember, there are millions of web pages out there competing for attention. Your content must be optimized by a SEO company for Utah so that a web engine can pick it up and place it higher on search results.

3. You Don’t Need Keyword Research

Slapping just any keyword on your company’s site, blog or advertisement in a recipe for failure. You may end up with a word that few people on the internet are looking for. Conversely, you may use a word that generates a lot of traffic, but your content may get lost amid the other SEO content that is out there. You should consult a SEO company in Utah to find words that a significant number of internet users are looking for yet isn’t so sought after that your content doesn’t have a chance of standing out.

4. You Should Focus Exclusively on Keyword Density

It used to be that you could find high value keywords and load up your page with them, attracting search engines to your site. However, Google updates have made this tactic obsolete. Your page should have relevant content in addition to keywords. Otherwise, search engines will judge your site to have used a black hat technique and penalize it. Sites with high keyword density but no real content are more likely to incur poor rankings in search results.

These are by no means the only myths out there, but they are the most common. Don’t worry about running afoul of SEO myths. A qualified SEO company will understand many myths about search engine optimization and offer proper advice and service as you move forward.

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