A/B testing and SEO experiments: how to check your ideas


Task manager

Starting a project

  • We create a group of pages, or several groups if needed.
  • We implement the new features.
  • We wait for them to get indexed by Google.
  • After that, we can easily analyze the results and provide our team lead with the numbers on how all the implementations affected the ranking.
  • The set of webpages we work on is called the test group.
  • All the pages of the same type that the test group should be compared with are called the control group.
  • A set of keywords or URLs joined together according to a common feature (presence/absence of a toponym in a search query or presence/absence of a specific HTML block on the pages) is called a segment.
Product card: mouse
Product card: chroma-key backdrop
  • rating,
  • review count,
  • price presence,
  • availability in stock,
  • E-A-T blocks,
  • video reviews,
  • and 3D product images.

Process: Data Parsing

Project Overview page
Table of Segments and Key Metrics
TOP10 ranking of segments with and without a customer photo gallery block on the page
TOP3 ranking of segments with and without customer photo gallery block on the page
Key metrics table of presence/absence segments
Visibility Dashboard

A/B Testing

  • Photo gallery block on several pages
  • External links from PCPs
  • Video reviews
  • 3D product images
  • Number of customer reviews
  • Other HTML blocks
Product Card Page with reviews and rating block
Product Card Page without reviews and rating block
Demand Volume and %Visibility by segment
Product card page with more than 4 photos
Product card page with less than 4 photos
%Visibility by segment bar chart
Product pages with more than 2 Sellers on the page
Product pages with less than 2 Sellers on the page
Presence of product card in TOP10 for all the tracked keywords
  • Test group (A): Product pages with customer photo gallery implemented
  • Control group (B): All product pages
Product card page
Product listing page
Visibility metrics in dynamic
Visibility metrics, dashboard
Visibility metrics, table
Ranking of segments with and without customer photo gallery block on the page
Visibility metrics in dynamic
Presence — absence of content
Set of segments
Visibility bar chart for number of reviews comparison
Reviews segments visibility in dynamics
  • Establish a hypothesis or an idea of what you want prove and make it clear how to do it.
  • Choose a set of pages for testing. Remember that the size of the test group should be statistically significant!
  • Choose a control group, which usually should be all the product listings, product cards, review pages, articles, or any other type of pages you’re working with.
  • Choose key metrics to be observed during your experiment; for example, if you’re working on your snippets, then CTR is a key metric.
  • Evaluate the results for scaling up the experiment on all the web pages.




Analytics for SEO and website quality

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Analytics for SEO and website quality

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