4 Things You Should Know About Organic SEO

1. Organic SEO is a long-term process.

Organic SEO will bring more traffic to your website over time. With results being more complex to achieve, start-up companies will usually be looking at a few months before they begin to see improvements in their search engine rankings. The basis of the ranking will be the quality and relevancy of the website to a specific keyword.

2. It is a form of advertising.

An online advertising strategy, without actually paying for advertisements (unlike the Pay-Per-Click system), websites will gain more traffic by climbing their way up the search results with the help of consistent SEO and content marketing efforts.

3. There are two types of SEO — on page and off page.

On page SEO focuses primarily on the quality of your domain webpage, while off page SEO refers to the strategies that have been adopted outside your website (social media, user blogs, etc.).

4. It uses keywords.

Keywords are vital, especially when we are talking search engines. Search engines use keyword variations to find relevant web pages for search results. If you use keywords appropriately and provide high-quality content that is relevant to these keywords, you will eventually secure a higher ranking position in the search results. Just make sure you give some serious thought to the best keywords that will suit your campaign.

You can also read this post to learn more about Organic SEO including its counterpart, the Pay per click system.

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