What do our CES favorites mean for Experiential Marketing?

Intel RealSense

This revolutionary depth-sensing camera technology allows Intel to recognize gestures, interpret voice commands and brings computing experiences to the next level. Interacting with your PC has never been so easy or natural.

Our Predictions for Experiential?

  • Greater in-store digital experiences, digital concierge anyone?
  • More innovative, 3D social content creation.
  • A gamer’s dream- bridging the gap between gaming and physical space


The future is here, and it’s as cute (not to mention as small) as a button, literally. Intel introduces the fashion forward and technologically enabled Curie wearable. This interview with Mike Bell, the wearable chief at Intel, shows their transparent approach to integrating their chips in the newest wearables. Outside of CES, they have supported exploring wearables through their Make It Wearable Contest.

Our predictions for Experiential?

  • Mobile connections will no longer be through a singular device — there will be an increased need for thoughtful, connected communication through tech.
  • Geo location, NFC, geo-fencing and location-based data will heighten experiences triggered by wearables. Information just when you need it.
  • Retailers will look to wearables to create more impactful retail experiences that capitalize on shopper data
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, and pupil dilation monitoring can record previously immeasurable emotional response data. Imagine brand love as an actual metric!

Connected Homes

Although talking gadgets are cliché when it comes to imagining the technologies of the future, interfaces that aggregate controls like Qualcomm’s AllJoyn are becoming increasingly useful. Everything from your water heater to toaster can be controlled easily via a tablet. The most interesting development is how these devices are powered- WiTricity is looking to change devices from being plugged into a grid, to using wireless power generated by magnetic resonance. All hail a cordless world!

Our Prediction for Experiential?

  • Consumers will transition from lining up at crowded grocery stores on Sunday night to ordering everyday items through devices in the home. Need more milk? Your fridge knows and can order it to be delivered by drone.

Self-driving Cars

Audi made headlines by sending a self-driving car from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. The connection between devices and cars has taken such a great leap this year that cnet said, “The car realized its potential as the fastest-growing mobile electronics platform at CES 2015.”

Our predictions for Experiential?

  • Forget your car as just a mode of transportation, it’s now your hub of connected devices-tapping into wearables and your phone to bring you an integrated transportation experience.

Remote Controlled Drones

Watch your head! Drones are being used for everything from search and rescue to package delivery.

Our predictions for Experiential?

  • Drones will be used to capture video and photos, pushing the boundaries of social content creation, live filming and streaming of large-scale events.
  • Drones will be used for package delivery allowing ecommerce to match the immediacy of in-person shopping.
  • Drones will gather data on consumers to offer more thoughtful experiences.

4k Televisions

Not your mom’s television. They’re Curved, they’re thin and they’re easy on the eyes- TVs took the leap to 4k+ at CES this year.

Our Prediction for Experiential?

  • The ever evolving TV will continue to allow for more flexible integration within retail and event environments, creating opportunities for cinematic experiences and storytelling.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Things are getting really real over here — the focus on visuals is now evolving to include touch.

Our predictions for Experiential?

  • The possibilities are endless here.