Khadija’s patient rise as a leader

Sometimes the most unsuspecting people become heroes for those without a voice. Such is the case of Khadija, a shy Moroccan woman who emerged as a natural leader.

After getting married at 16 and without a school diploma, Khadija started working at the textile cooperative Ain Leuh, until her husband forced her to quit her job and become a housewife. When the family became weighed down by unpaid bills, she convinced him to let her return to work.

Back at the cooperative, she became well-respected by her colleagues. They trusted her so deeply that they voted her Director of Ain Leuh. It was in this role that she discovered the true strength of her leadership.

As Director, she stepped up and guided the struggling cooperative out of financial dismay, working so hard that she eventually set enough money aside to buy her family a home.

We recognized her leadership when she participated in one of the events of Everyone Gains, a project that provides training to local organizations, journalists, and community leaders in an effort to promote women’s socioeconomic empowerment through better access to work.

With us, she attended trainings in conflict resolution, negotiation, media relations, and advocacy. She traveled around Morocco with Everyone Gains and became one of the best testimonials for the project, speaking about women’s rights on panels and on the radio.

Her secrets? Empathy and perseverance. She is able to relate to women all across the country because she has experienced what they’re going through. To every girl she meets, Khadija tells the same thing:

“Patience, patience, patience… it’s only with patience that you will reach your goal. Be brave and trustworthy. Life is a struggle, but you’ll see fruits the same way I did.”

Learn more about our projects in Morocco here.

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