Why Start Ups Fail ( Did You Fail To Plan?)

3 hour long meetings

Constant Pivoting

The Start Up Failed to Plan

Lack of Internal Infrastructure

Lack of Hype and or Marketing Strategy

The Start Up Owners try to do everything themselves

No Business Experience

Not Knowing How to Sell Your Product

The Start Up Loses Momentum

No One Takes Ownership

To Broad Of a Product(MVP…it is more than a buzzword)

How Many Of These Reasons Start Ups Fail Is Your Start Up At?

Unnecessary Horizontal Movement

Not Picking Out Your Target Audience Out First

Communication Break down

Not Being on the Same Page! Different than Communication Break down

Failing to plan a pitch

Poor schedule alignment

Not Being Efficient With Resources

Not Making The Right Connections

Not Nurturing the Connections You do Have

The Start Up CEO is Not Delegating

Building Something Cool vs Meeting a Need

Forgetting about B2B and Focusing on B2C

No One On a Start Up Team Has Read Any Business Books

A Start Up Doesn’t Have a UI designer

Start Up Members Lose Trust With One Another




Experienced in #startups #Business Development and #strategy #marketing #processess

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The SF Entrepreneur

The SF Entrepreneur

Experienced in #startups #Business Development and #strategy #marketing #processess

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