A statement from SFFILM in response to sexual violence revelations in the film industry

The leadership of SFFILM has read the recent news about sexual violence in the film world with great sadness and anger.

SFFILM reconfirms its commitment to making the spaces we occupy as safe as possible for everyone in our community.

Furthermore, we commit to taking any actions necessary to eliminate opportunities for sexual predation and other forms of intimidation and violence to occur among our audiences, residents, guests, staff, contractors, and volunteers.

We commit to a zero-tolerance policy for incidents of sexual harassment or violence by attendees of our programs, and by guests, staff, and associates of the organization.

We commit to maintaining an open environment for communication and support, where our community can speak their minds and identify wrongdoing without fear of reproach or negative consequences.

We are proud of the efforts we have made to create a welcoming and inclusive environment at our Festival, in our FilmHouse residency space, in our schools programs, and at our year-round events.

But we can all do more.

No one should fear sexual violence or harassment of any sort as part of their commitment to and inclusion in the cultural life of this city and our organization.


Noah Cowan
And the staff and board of SFFILM