Hey Steve,
Felix Brandler

Hey Felix,

Thanks for the response and glad you liked the interview!

Regarding your question, I think the biggest impact we can have in tackling climate change in our day-to-day lives is to support greener businesses with every purchase we make, from food and utilities to transport and clothes. Indeed, more and more businesses are seeing this trend unfold and have begun to pursue a sustainable business model - as there is now the economic incentive to go green.

However, we are still left with many more companies that base their business model on providing services/products as cheaply as possible - to those who can’t afford the luxury of buying green or just don’t care (which is still the majority unfortunately). To address this side of the problem we need to vote for politicians who prioritise the environment and will implement policies that force industries to adopt greener practices.

Cycling more, taking trains instead of planes, eating less meat, and stuff like that, will indeed help reduce your own carbon footprint, but what I’ve outlined above not only supports this, but would have a much more substantial and lasting impact.

Anywhos, that’s my thoughts in a nutshell — hope it answered your question!

Have an awesome day too!