Self-Driving Cars Will Improve Our Cities. If They Don’t Ruin Them.
Robin Chase

a great analysis and reminder that we should be more proactive in this discussion. What’s missing in this discussion (and too many discussions) are pedestrians and bicyclists, you know, the urban inhabitants that don’t feel the need to get around inside a hermetically-sealed box, and the impacts that self-driving cars will have on perceptions of safety for more vulnerable users of both roads and sidewalks. After all, if there’s one thing we can be certain of, is that the technology will glitch from time to time, as have ALL technologies. Additionally, self-driving cars do not solve a host of problems that city dwellers experience, namely physical and mental health problems caused by lack of exercise and social isolation. They also perpetuate the low-density sprawl model, as even self-driving cars (ANY large vehicle) takes up space in the city and forces distances between origins and destinations to be greater than necessary.

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