It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

“Black” people will evolve past this stuck point when they realise that they are carrying about habits passed down through generations that reinforces this hierarchy that isn’t about color or gender or socio-economic status; it is about ALL of these at once. It is about one person coming out on top, and everyone else losing. It’s about competition where there’s only room for one at the top of the pyramid. It’s the system that we’ve created, and I see people of all races, classes, and genders actively participating in reinforcing this system, worldwide.

I see people treating their breathren badly, people who are of the same cultural background, but where one has ‘achieved’ and gathered more wealth than the other. I see it here and I see it all over the world. I see people who are ‘brown’ shunning people who are ‘black.’ I see people who are ‘yellow’ shunning people who are any other color. And of course, there are still stupid light-skinned people who think they are entitled to the best of everything at the expense of everyone else. And I see a land-ownership system and money system designed to reinforce this belief system.

I also see men treating women badly, across color lines. Adults treating children and animals badly. Massive destruction of trees and living vegetation, replacement with concrete, creating dead zones. I see a whole lot of people feeling like a victim and thusly feeling justified in victimizing others.

I see a lot of ‘poor me’ and fingerpointing. I see a lot of people from all backgrounds willingly participating in and even defending this harsh and brutal system. What I don’t see, is a whole lot of positive action and intelligent dialogue around how we change this dysfunctional system that rewards sociopathic behaviour and one-upsmanship. I don’t see people letting go of destructive consumption habits. And I don’t see very much “Think Global, Act Local.” Everybody seems to be waiting for someone else to make that first courageous move.

The universe is not under the control of humans; it exists independantly of them. When you better understand yourself and how the universe REALLY works, then you can change *your* world and you won’t experience this victimization/victimizer duality anymore. This wisdom exists outside of local conflicts and, no matter who you are and what your story, is always within your reach.