Show Wins…
Chicken John Rinaldi

I have been getting the Dem Party’s pleas for contributions for years. They are so pitiable and such a turnoff that i now have them filtered immediately to my junk folder. They employ the word ‘begging' frequently and overemploy the use of all caps words. While I am accustomed to receiving at least a dozen requests from non-profits daily for contributions, the Dem Party’s requests are by far the least dignified. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who has been turned off by their tactics.

In fact, considering that these people are theoretically specialists in understanding what motivates humans, I have often wondered whether there isnt some force rotten at the core that is intentionally undermining support for the Democratic party. Not something I expect; more like I have a hard time often believing that what I am reading is a sincerely-intentioned request for financial assistance. Samples provided upon request ☺