Today I Built a Chicken Coop
Derek Powazek

Nice chicken coop! Deer are a blessing, along with their fertilizer droppings! I prefer the friendly and clever route: planting bushes that act as hedges around the garden (replacing a fence), or planting plants they dont’ like the smell of, or planting SO MUCH for them to eat that is easy to grow on the periphery that they never get to the good stuff at the center.

If that doesnt work and you’ve exhausted ALL angles of intelligence(and i’m a vegetarian), I’d develop a temporary taste for venison and jerky. I’d take the skulls after they are cleaned by the larvae and hang them on the corner posts of your garden. If THAT doesn’t deter the deer (both losing their family members and the remaining signs and smells of them), I’d give up, go back to being vegetarian, and accept that your farm is going to get partially eaten…and make money selling pretty photos of deer or set up a petting zoo or something.

The LAST thing I’d do is let it bother you for years and years. Peace of mind is more valuable than control, and sometimes letting go of control is necessary for peace of mind.

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