The Tragedy of Fritz Haber: The Monster Who Fed The World
Paul Barach

Sounds like a sociopathic monster to me. Both his wife and son suicided? Yech! Industrial fertilizer has caused tremendous problems with water quality (i.e. algae blooms) and has resulted in overproduction of crops, thusly dropping crop prices below what is profitable for farmers. Tons of food have been destroyed to keep prices up. Nitrogen fertilizers did not save the world from hunger, but has possibly played a role in unsustainable population explosions. Just because he invented something that others see as useful doesn’t mean his motivations were altruistic. Remember that a Nobel Prize was also given to Obama, who has only increased the presence of American troops around the world, not reduced it. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein comes to mind when I read this story of Mr. Haber

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