The Cost Of My Sexual Assault

This is probably going to be the most unpopular thing I’ve ever written, but exactly what Jennifer has experienced is the exact reason why the male gender has come out ‘on top’ in this world. Perhaps some men like to think that it’s because they are superior leaders and decisionmakers, but the truth is that if you take others down a notch through hurtful actions such as Jennifer has described, it serves the same purpose. After all, it’s all relative. When an animal is wounded; they’re not out in front leading the pack. They’re in back, licking their wounds. It’s a highly manipulative and twisted form of warfare, and it is secretly happening worldwide in instances by the millions. Not just rape, but murder and other intentional physical and emotional woundings. I don’t really understand why it happens nor what can be done about it and would love to hear the feedback or insights of others on this.

While I have learned through my own traumatic experiences to not trust men and have learned how to keep myself safe, it makes me sad because life has not been nearly as joyful as when i believed that i could. I haven’t really yet understood what men feel that they gain through destroying this basic form of trust in others around them. Where once there was true friendship and open-heartedness, now there is wariness.

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