Getting Help with Drug and Alcohol Use— A San Francisco Bay Area Quick Resource Guide

compiled by JoJo DeRodrigo and Thao Hill

Photography by the very talented InkedKenny

The Leathermen’s Discussion Group is committed to promoting safe, kinky, sexual experiences. Being able to do that without abusing drugs and alcohol is a key component — you can reach out to any of us if you have questions… we’ll either have answers or connect you to the right people with the answers you seek.

It’s important to establish right now…. that if you or someone you know is having issues with drugs or alcohol, please know that there’s SO MANY RESOURCES FOR US IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA! Help is out there, and everything is going to be ok… as long as one maintains a desire to have a life that has a different relationship with drugs and alcohol than your current situation.

One of the most prominent resources in San Francisco for reducing the harm that drugs and alcohol may have is Strut (located in the Castro) and the Stonewall Project. Here you have access to easy walk-in services, a more structured regiment, and even a rewards program! The LGBT Center has Youth oriented harm reduction get togethers.

There are strong gay support communities around Alcoholics Anonymous ( and Crystal Meth Anonymous ( These are both structured 12-step programs, built to give you all the tools needed to stay sober, all in one package. There are lots of other 12 Step “Anonymous” groups to also consider. For the those in the East Bay check out East Bay AA.

There are 12-step meetings all over the Bay Area. A recommended place to start is a meeting called the “Each Day a New Beginning” group at 152 Church Street, San Francisco, every Monday through Friday at 7 AM in the morning. This is an open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that is mostly attended by LGBTQ people (and many are kinksters too!) You can also head over to the Castro Country Club that offers a coffee shop and meetings around the clock. This is a wonderful safe place to hang out and meet others in the recovery community.

Rehabilitation centers can also be an important consideration… like Baker Place, Glide Memorial Methodist Church, Praise Fellowship Ministries — which are all very LGBTQ friendly. You can also check out some “outside the Bay Area” rehabs like Pride Institute in Minnesota and the Van Ness Recovery House in Los Angeles, both are exclusively for LGBTQ people.

For Outpatient options, Kaiser Permanente Chemical Dependency Program has many LGBTQ people attending their programs in both Oakland and San Francisco. In Oakland, Alta Bates Chemical Dependency Treatment Services is one of the most prominent.

Recovery housing is another great option in the Bay Area. Some are short term and some are long term. There is Walden House, Gateway Sober Living, Friendship House (for Native Americans) and Ohlhoff Recovery House. Other outside Bay Area recovery houses include 2 in Palm Springs: Michael’s House and Blue Tiger.

Most importantly, please remember you are not alone, there are many of us who have been where you are, all you have to do is reach your hand out… we are here to help.

Phone Contact Information: (BAY AREA)

Baker Place 415 864 1515

Praise Fellowship Ministries 415 753 3950

Walden House 415 737 9799

Gateway Sober Living 415 892 6852

Friendship House 415 865 0964

Ohlhoff Recovery House 877 677 4543

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