We can Fix It: Saving the Truth from the Internet
Sunil Paul

Can we even expect authors and sharers of viral content to act impartially? Most people are in this game to disseminate a viewpoint. Eric seems fairly level-headed, but going viral is a rush. He could have deleted his viral tweet as soon as he realized it was false. Instead, he waited as it snowballed out of control and wrote more posts about it.

We all have bias. If we label articles (or people) as untruthful even while allowing them to go viral, we’re inviting the rage of everyone who clicked “like.” What if we went after the fake news industry’s profits instead? eg perhaps truthrank can be used by ad buyers to avoid being placed next to false content? DoubleVerify launched something like this. I don’t work for them, but I’d be interested in hearing what people think of economic approaches.