CalFresh Data Tools

Understanding statewide and county-level performance is a critical tool for reforming CalFresh. The California Department of Social Services posts quarterly data on key metrics including participation levels, timeliness of application processing, dual enrollment between CalFresh and Medi-Cal, churn, and error rates.

The SF-Marin Food Bank has developed three tools for analyzing those data in order to track successes and identify opportunities for improvement.

1) Summary of state trends. This brief report describes trends over time for key metrics, as well as county comparisons for the most current quarter’s data. Data tables included in this report also highlight the top 20 performing counties for each metric and progress toward targets whenever possible. Click Here to Download

2) County Dashboards. Use this tool to generate a three page report showing performance of one county over time. Charts include comparisons to the performance of the state as a whole as well as comparisons to the best-performing county of similar CalFresh caseload size in order to demonstrate what levels of performance might be reasonable targets. Click Here to Download

3) Interactive data visualization. These data visualization tools allow for customization — maybe you want to see a certain chart with only a few counties selected, or perhaps you’d like to see how a chart shifts over time. Take a minute to play with these charts to see what you might discover. Click Here to View

The policy and advocacy team at the SF-Marin Food Bank is continuing to work with the California Department of Social Services to further refine the available data. We will be updating these reports and adding new analyses on an ongoing basis. Let us know if you have ideas of something different you’d like to see!

Contact Diana Jensen, Senior Policy & Advocacy Analyst, at or (415) 282–1907 Ext. 313

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