A Vote for Prop K is a vote for Equity

We are disappointed in Supervisor Peskin’s off the cuff and inaccurate remarks at last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting regarding the sales tax Measure K that funds Measure J. This sales tax and the concurrent measure the funds will go towards have been carefully crafted to help the most disadvantaged among us.

Here are a few things that voting Yes on K allows us to pay for through Measure J.

Image credit: KALW

The continuation of Free Muni for Youth and Free Muni for Seniors and Disabled

It’s in plain writing in the measure itself, and it’s something the Transit Equity group, a coalition of housing, transportation and equity organizations specifically asked to be in the measure. Monthly Muni Youth passes are going up 44% over the next year — from $25 to $36: do you really want to deprive those that need it the most of public transit?

Turning SFMTA’s Equity Plan into a reality.

SFMTA has created a plan to increase Muni service in outlying areas that have been traditionally underserved like the Bayview and Visitacion Valley. But it doesn’t have the extra money in its budget to make sure it’s a reality. J makes sure that $100M we will receive from K goes to transportation (bikes, pedestrian safety and transit) will make sure that new service comes to the areas where people have no option but to rely on Muni and yet often get the worst service.

Pedestrian safety

We have a goal of zero pedestrian fatalities by 2020. This goal can only be accomplished with infrastructure changes on our streets. Where do most of the fatalities occur? The Tenderloin, one of the most walked areas of the city, and one of the poorest.

Housing for homeless

One of the reasons we can’t reduce our homeless population is simple: we have no homes. Prop K gives us the money to build more navigation centers for homeless to receive services and prepare them to transition into permanent housing. And then it gives us money for permanently housing the homeless. This is the critically missing element in the homeless strategy.

There is no denying that Prop K is a sales tax, but in San Francisco 50% of sales taxes are paid by visitors and by commercial purchases. We residents pay the rest, which will be an additional ½ cent (once the ¼ cent sunsets) that funds a permanent housing solution for homeless, equitable public transit and fewer traffic fatalities in the poorest areas of San Francisco. We are proud to be part of this coalition dedicated to funding better Muni, BART and Caltrain for all of us and to being part of a permanent solution for homeless housing.

A vote for Proposition K is a vote for equity. Please join us November 8th and Vote YES on K to fund J.

Thea Selby, Chair, San Francisco Transit Riders

David Campos, Supervisor, District 9

Gail Gilman, CEO, Community Housing Partnership